At TL Vision Academy, the E-Library enables the visitor to access downloadable audio sources, magazine articles, language learning materials, test-taking help, a new book, and watching educational videos.  These are all available through our webpage.  It is our philosophy that Reading has a significant number of benefits.

We are also aware that not everyone can afford a new book; it is, therefore, possible for anyone enrolled in our programs to read or download a book at no cost or a low cost! Additionally, we have of the best online libraries; this allows our students to read free E-books online and download them legally.

This is a non-profit organization and open library. It provides access to much public domain and out-of-print books. LINK

Use or add your book (s)article(s) to our Library; get your e-library card to enjoy materials from our extensive e-library on your device. Read or listen to eBooks and e-audiobooks.