• To build trust in the learner, what makes them gain confidence in themselves, and the languages currently are ( Arabic – English) other languages coming soon.
  • To patiently guide the learner in increasing their comprehension, vocabulary, and oral communication skills.
  • To help the learner feel comfortable with the language.
  • To make a noticeable improvement with their pronunciation, reading, and wiring skills.
  • To develop and evaluate daily language activities and be a habit of daily practice.
  • To provide the learners with all language resources that enhance language learning development.
TL Vision Academy | Mission

We are providing high standards of performance using various teaching techniques, strategies, and technology tools to meet the needs of our diverse, multicultural students, connecting with global institutions and cross-cultural understanding.

We are improving our programs of study, creating, and encouraging a comfortable and inviting learning environment.


Our Curriculum Services in higher education solve their specific second language learning challenges and accomplish learning goals.

Each year, we develop over 140 courses and learning experiences from general education to specialized language purposes.

Our clients rely on the expertise of our team of 25 learning design and technology professionals.

Our curriculum professors or doctorate degrees in education-related fields drive student-centered outcomes and institutional goals.

Can tailor services that include but are not limited to an existing course evaluation, media development, assessments.

TL Vision Academy | Vision
  • To become the most, US public school’s educational services developer, especially in the Arabic language programs.
  • To have the most significant Arabic language e-Library.
  • To offer accredited Graduate programs.
  • To have a significant educational and educational Consulting company worldwide.
  • To award scholarships in teaching Arabic, English  as a second language with the US universities.
  • To create permitted undergraduate and teacher training certifications.
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