How Does The Program Start?

3 simple and easy steps:

  • Enroll in our free trial (30 mins class).

  • Attend our free Orientation.

  • Meet with our exp Advisor online.

Once you meet with our Expert Advisor online, you will be recommended the best course based on your learning objectives and competency levels.

Start Learning Today!

All Arabic or English lessons are available 24/7. Set your own pace. Your TL Vision Academy Membership lets you take advantage of our expert tutor’s support and online student forums. (24/7) our resources access for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Approach selection throughout your membership period.

After completing your course, you will earn a credited certification and full our website access and resources for one year. Read more about our accreditation with Avant and global Seal: The Global Seal  |  College Credits

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