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Our Experts Languages Instructors

David Norton
David NortonSr. English Instructor
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth MillerSr. English Instructor
Raymond Johnson
Raymond JohnsonEnglish Instructor
Erin Williams
Erin WilliamsEnglish Instructor
Iman M. Ali
Iman M. AliArabic Instructor
Ahmed K. Moahmoud
Ahmed K. MoahmoudArabic Instructor
Samira Abdullah
Samira AbdullahArabic Instructor
Qasim Abdulrahman
Qasim AbdulrahmanArabic Instructor

We are providing our learners with Arabic curriculum.

Our languages Experts professors build language tests and rubrics, Arabic audio-books for schools, teachers, and institutions. Our language tests and rubrics for schools, teachers, and institutions prepared by Arabic and second language experts.

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