Reading and Speaking Fluency

 TL Vision Academy believe that fluency enhances second language learning, either inside or outside the classroom environment.  Therefore, fluency is the most successful learning tool utilized to communicate and speak in the target language.

We have created a Reading and Speaking Tracking Program for the Arabic and English learner(s) at all levels; this program is designed to eliminate the individual student’s shyness and hesitation. In the early stages of acquiring the target language, it is essential to concentrate more on General Fluency and less on Accuracy; this is so that we can encourage the learner to break the walls of fear and insecurity when making communicative mistakes in the target language.

Accuracy for second language learning is essential to improvement in grammar or written vocabulary tests; lack of this skill can, however, prevent a student from asking elementary sentences or communicating in the target language.

We created that program to benefit the learner’s Speaking and Reading Skills so that (s)he can recognize root words and how to use them in different contexts.

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