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Our TL Vision Academy Training department offers customized courses to meet your training needs by customizing training programs unique to your organizational goals.

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Customized Courses for Special Purposes.

Our TL Vision Academy Training Department offers customized courses to meet your training needs by training programs unique to your organizational goals.

We Provide Customized Lessons by Request

Tuition fees will vary according to the nature of each request, the number of participants, and the time of the year.

Language for Specific Purposes (LSP)

This course is appropriate when the target language demonstrates a use for specialized language.

Creating LSP courses begins with analyzing individual needs, tailoring the content, setting the objectives, preparing the materials, teaching strategies, Evaluating the learner’s progress, and planning all assessment practices.

Our TL Vision Academy Arabic Courses emphasize Business, History, Political and Military Issues, Cultural Understanding, the Egyptian Dialect for Tourism, English for Engineering, Global Trade, and Hospitality.  The context, people, involved, or any other learners or professionals in the field (you will need to finish the thought in this sentence).

We Create the LSP Curriculum, and We Will Make a Few Direct References to Its Practice:

-Tour Guides

-Political, Military, and Diplomatic jobs

-Healthcare and Hospitality


In business contexts, the ability to function in a second language could differ between getting promoted and fired.  How people use their language skills to deal with clients, write reports, negotiate contracts, and a variety of other high-stakes tasks can have a tangible effect on their success and the company’s success.

We are constantly developing, remodeling, and training curricula to customize the context that directly affects other aspects such as current events gathered in needs analysis, the availability of materials, and the classes’ logical structures.

Please use the form to the right if you need a customized course(s) for yourself as an individual, or group of people, business, school, institute, university, or government organization.

For questions or more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and one of our advisors will get back to you shortly.