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Earn a TESOL Credited Certification with TL Vision Partners. What is TESOL?

TESOL is a certificate that requires for Teaching English to non-native speakers.

Why should I obtain a TESOL certificate?

The demand for qualified TESOL teachers increases because English language learners overgrow. The number could hit 2 billion people in 2021.

If you need and desire new experiences field,  join the people worldwide who have gained what they are through us and then build an exciting new career teaching the English language worldwide.

TESOL Certification Courses.

Our TESOL certification courses come with complete instruction and tutor support. In your certificate course journey, you are never alone. All courses require learning materials with your tutor’s help starting from enrollment day until you earn your certificate.

Not sure about obtaining TESOL? Take our pre-TESOL courses.

The twenty-hour Weekend TESOL Course is four weekends. You will learn all you will need to step into your first TESOL classroom.

Our Twenty-hour Weekend TESOL Course is hands-on – filled with lots of activities and teaching practices.


  • BA in the related field.
  • English skills (Intermediate/Advanced English).
  • Pre – TESOL Preparation.

Accredited Teaching Diploma Certificate

This certificate has two levels:

First level:

Course duration: three  months (sixty  hours)

What is your course including?

  • Access to the course’s videos at any time.
  • Tutor support from TL Vision professionals.

Course goals:

  • Provide the foundations to start teaching English as a foreign language.
  • What? Why? How? Where? Basics of being an ESL teacher – from planning and sourcing creating lessons activities, assessments, and evaluations.

Course work:

Will introduce the ESL foundational language acquisition and the basic techniques.

  1. What are the second or foreign language theories?
  2. The experimental process to elaborate basic design for lesson plans and provide access to professional resources.
  3. Your final project will apply the theoretical knowledge introduced at this level to design a lesson plan based on learning outcomes, assessments, materials, classroom management techniques, and learning activities.

Course requirements:

Previous studies BA in the following:

  • Linguistics, education, liberal art.
  • English skills intermediate-high-advanced.

Second level:

Course duration: three  months (sixty hours)

What is your course including?

  • Access to the lecture’s videos.
  • Tutor support from TL Vision professionals.
  • Career help and support.

Course requirements:

  • Completing the first-level course.
  • Previous studies  BA in the following:
    • Linguistics, education, liberal art.
    • English skills intermediate-high- advanced.

What does that course include?

  1. Classroom management basics: ice breakers, students were speaking- activities, grammar instruction, communicative grammar instructions.
  2. Lesson plan designing, games activities, and teaching practice tools.
  3. Teaching analysis; define learners’ needs, levels.
  4. Define accuracy and fluency techniques in developing speaking skills.
  5. Teaching Practices. Deliver your second teaching practice.
  6. Twenty-hour Grammar and Language Awareness Module.
  7. Twenty-hour English Language Teaching Methodology Module.
  8. Twenty-hour Video Observation Module.

 the course will include

  • Online classroom learning materials.
  • TESOL certificate and reference letter from our academy.
  • An accredited course provider.
  • Life extension online accessibility where you can find resources to assist you with the topics covered on the course.
  • You receive lifetime access to our job center resources and career advisor to apply for English teaching opportunities all over the globe.

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