At TL vision, we use the target language only to ensure second language learning immersion. In addition, we tailor speaking fluency strategies to accomplish sophisticated second language results and outcomes.

  • Our daily writing and reading activities are built based on a second language learner’s purposes to fulfill the learner’s needs.
  • Learners acquire language skills through a communicative approach and daily life activities.
  • We regularly test through courses to analyze student learning improvements and weaknesses.
  • Expert trainers tailor lessons to the individual needs of learners.
  • Trainers correct homework daily and provide rubric access.
  • The students learn to plan the courses with the advisor on self-regulation strategy where the trail starts and ends with the learner goals and learning outcomes.
  • Tutor and teaching assistant to ensure clarification, daily practice, and answering all questions.
  • E-learning Platform access (zoom, skype).
  • on-site (Chicago, Cairo) courses and training.
  • E-Library Services.
  • Classes Starting Every eight weeks.
  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week On-Demand Tutoring.
  • Academic Advising.
  • Dedicated Support Teams.
  • One-on-one Faculty Guidance.
  • Tuition & Financial installment plans are available.
  • Personal Development.
  • Internship & Hiring Events and conferences.
  • Networking Opportunities.
  • Are you a newly graduated teacher?
  • Do you want to work at international schools?

School Services

Our professional services individually designed curricula and syllabi, lesson plans, accredited language assessments, and fluency programs are all based on the needs of students’ language purposes.

Our goals center around teaching a second language to non-native speakers. Currently, these non-native speakers want to learn either Arabic or English.  We will, however, be adding more languages to the curriculum soon; this will make the second language understood for academic, cultural, and political reasons to communicate effectively with people from other countries.  Therefore, we are currently offering the following language courses:

  1. Courses and Programs in Arabic for the Non-Native Speaker.
  2. TESL (Our credited English Courses for Teaching English as a Second Language); these courses are partnered with Global Seal.
  3. English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses and Programs for the Non-Native Speaker
  4. TAFL ( Teaching Arabic As a Foreign Language) Arabic Teachers certificate.

Note:  Other language tutors are available as requested for individual students, groups, and the United States Government.